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Hill View Farms Meats, LLC has a multitude of products that we carry both at the farmers market and at our retail store.


Our Premium Black Angus beef products are raised on our farm here in Daviess County. They are pasture raised and grain finished. They receive all the grass and/or hay they want in addition to a daily feed ration of various grains. We do not use any antibiotics in our beef cattle unless there is a need for it due to sickness. We also do not use any added growth hormones in our beef cattle. All our beef grades either high choice or prime.


Our broiler chickens are raised on our farm during the months of March – October when the temperatures are more suitable for a pastured, free range chicken. These chickens are rotated through our pasture fields where they get ample amounts of fresh grass and can forage in addition to a daily feed mixture. The layer hens are raised with the same manner as the broilers, but we do raise them year round. Both flocks are not given any antibiotics or added growth hormones.


Our pork products are raised here in Daviess County by a neighboring farmer who follows the same practices as we do on our farm for caring for our animals. The hogs are never given any antibiotics or added growth hormones.


Our milk, cheese, spices, sauces and many other products carried are mostly raised and/or produced here in the state of Kentucky. We are committed to supporting Kentucky and other Kentucky businesses by providing our customers with some of the best products from around the state. We are a KY Proud business and believe in other KY Proud businesses. In addition to the Kentucky products you will find some specialty products from great partners both large and small across the United States.

Thank you to our local partners and sponsors.
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